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Aptitude Rehab is a Product of prolong thinking process and planning which turn into a state of the art facility which covers Rehab Aspect, Sports medicine, Natural Medicine Aspect, Stem Cell Therapy, Medical Spa and much more. The owners and management of Aptitude realized the need of genuine high end Rehab and Alternative medicine facility in Brampton so that the people of Brampton don’t have to travel to downtown Toronto for those services. As a result we came up with this unique project where we serve you with general rehab services along with Shockwave Therapy, Decompression traction therapy, Pletelet rich Plasma Injection, Steroid Injections of Joints, Skin Treatments, Laser Pain Therapy, Ultrasound Pain Therapy, Botox and Fillers, PRP for Hairloss and many more services. We invite you to visit this unique therapy centre as a one stop shop for majority of your alternative health care needs.

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